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To test or not to test – that is the question…..


In response to the transmission of variants of concern, Public Health England (PHE) South East, is advising all close contacts of COVID-19 cases to get a COVID-19 PCR test (ideally 5 days after exposure or day five of isolation) whether or not they have symptoms of coronavirus COVID-19.


Adults Lateral flow test twice a week


Isolate the whole household instantly;

Options 1: Book a PCR test

  • do NOT do a lateral flow test – this is if you do NOT have symptoms
  • If the result is negative – ill person stays home to get better, everyone else can go out
  • If result is positive – continue household isolation for 10 days

Option 2: do not book a test

  • Whole household must isolate for 10 full days
  • No one can come to school!

Please refer to the guidance for households with possible or confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection

And note that you must:

self-isolate for at least 10 days from the day after symptom onset and

arrange to get a test



Procedures for Reporting Positive COVID cases in children
We hope that you all stay safe and well, but if your child becomes unwell there are some things we need you to do.

The school retains some responsibility regarding the Test and Trace system. There are two possible scenarios and actions as outlined below.

1. My child had COVID symptoms, AND was in school prior to symptoms starting, AND has now tested POSITIVE

ACTION: Please follow strict isolation guidelines as shared by Track and Trace and in addition email letting us know the following:

  • Name of child and class they are in
  • Date of test – which was subsequently returned as POSITIVE
  • Date that symptoms first showed
  • Confirmation of the amount of days they were in school prior to symptoms showing
  • Contact name and telephone number

 A member of the senior team may be in contact with you. Any other children and staff required to self-isolate will be informed via email.

2. My child has COVID symptoms but has not attended school for at least the last 2 days.

ACTION: Follow Government guidelines relating to isolation and testing.

  • If a POSITIVE test is confirmed, please inform the school by emailing the details to – including the date that symptoms first showed and the date of the test, so that we can adjust any home learning packs as needed
  • Please let us know if you require any additional support in any way and we shall endeavour to assist
  • Please inform us when your child has recovered and is well enough to resume their education or if your child remains unwell