All our staff endeavour to build strong relationships with parents so that we can work in partnership for the good of every individual child.

We have gathered here for you as much practical information as we can to make your day to day interaction with the school as easy as possible.


Keeping clear and honest lines of communication open is crucial. We do our best to ensure that we keep you and this website up-to-date with all the information you will need. We also do our best to make it as easy as possible for you to talk to staff, and would rather hear early on if things are not quite right at school or at home so that we can work together to support our children.

School to home

We keep you up-to-date with what is happening via:

  • Text: for urgent messages and quick reminders
  • Email: for longer messages, and attach Letters and Newsletters which can also be found on our Letters page
  • Phone: for when it is better to talk
  • Class Dojo: please see the Year Pages under the Learning tab

For this to work we really do need up-to-date phone and email contacts for you – so if either change please let us know as soon as possible.

Home to School

The start of the school day is a crucial time for learning and our class teachers are not available for meetings at that time.
If you need to let us know about a change in routine for a day or about appointments you could:

  • Write a note in the reading record or homework diary
  • Send a message via Class Dojo
  • Contact the class teacher via their email found on the Year Pages under the Learning tab
  • Contact Us

If you forget what’s on on any particular day, our office staff are always pleased to help answer your queries and help you, but please do check the website first for information about letters, dates and clubs etc.

If you have a concern, or feel you need to let us know about something that has happened at home, please contact us sooner rather than later. The Class teacher or Year leader should be your first point of contact but if you would like to speak with the Deputy Head or the Head Teacher please contact Contact Us to arrange a meeting or a call back.

School day


Sports based morning club in the Main Hall. Provided by Premier Sports. For further details and to book a place please visit the Clubs page


Gates open and children supervised: Years 3-6


Playground supervised: Reception – Year 2


Learning beginning in classrooms


End of the day: Reception – Year 2


End of the day: Years 3-6

3.30 onwards

A range of after school clubs are available. See our Clubs page

Respect for learning begins with punctuality for learning. Late arrival disrupts the learning for your child and that of others. Children arriving late need to report to the school office and the ‘late mark’ remains permanently on their school record and affects their attendance data. Please support us in the smooth running of the school by ensuring that you are on time at the beginning and the end of the day.


Obviously we hope that children will be in school every day – because that is the law of the land! There may be times when they are not able to attend however. As part of our safeguarding responsibilities it is important that we have robust systems for tracking where children are. Please help us by following the procedures below.

Absence for appointments

Requests for children to attend medical, dental or any education appointments should be made in writing to the school and include details of:

  • the time they will be absent and
  • whether they will require a school lunch

Children must be signed in and out of school by a responsible adult

Absence for sickness

We are always interested in the children’s welfare and it is important that in the case of absences the school should be notified by telephone by 10.00 on the first day of absence and every day thereafter.

  • Children who are sick at home or at school should not return to school until 48hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.
  • Children who are sick at school will be sent home and should not return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea.

It is essential that we have an up-to-date telephone number where you can be contacted during the day should your child be taken ill in school.

If you wish to take your child out of school for any absence other than medical, dental or educations appointments, it is necessary to seek permission from the Head Teacher by completing and submitting an absence application form (also available from the school office). We would like to remind parents/carers that they do not have a legal or automatic right to take their children out of school for holidays during term-time.
Details of our attendance data can be found here

Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

There are some children who are at risk of making slower progress and failing to reach their full potential due to life experiences outside their control. The government has recognised this and provides additional money to schools to invest in extra support for these children which is called Pupil Premium. The money and support continues for 6 years – even if circumstances change. This would mean that the school would receive on average £8,000 per child to spend on additional support.
The only way that schools can access this money is by families registering their eligibility for “free schools meals”.
Meeting the eligibility for free school meals means that the government will pay for lunches once the children reach year 3, (italics) but please still apply for Pupil Premium support for Infants as they may be eligible, even though they may already get free lunches, as Infants.
Please help us to help you by:

Lunches and snacks

St Mary’s is a nut free school. Young bodies and brains need the right ‘fuel’ to support their learning. At St Mary’s we teach the children that healthy eating is just as important as doing their homework! Whether you child has school meals or brings a packed lunch please support us in enabling our children to put our healthy living messages into practice every day.

School Meals

School meals are cooked on the premises and we believe them to be of excellent quality. Our children tell us that they are “delicious”, “yummy” and “good for cold days”. One parent told us:

“The food was lovely, warm and tasty and to be honest I couldn’t have cooked it any better myself”


We strongly advise all parents and children to give them a try!

Our meals are prepared and served by staff from Surrey Commercial Services and are provided at a cost of £2.35 per day. My School Lunch Website provides up-to-date information regarding school meals and  ( Autumn/Winter 2019/20) menu.

If your child has an allergy (eg gluten, lactose) then please fill in a Special Diet Form and come in and chat to our cook to discuss how they can accommodate your child’s needs.

Some children prefer to have a mixture of school meals and packed lunches. If you wish your child to have school dinners only on certain days of the week, this can be accommodate. However please note:

  • The profile must be the same each week (eg dinners daily, except Fridays)
  • The profile can only be changed at a half-term

Paying for School Lunches

If your child is in Reception – Year 2

  • Parents do not need to pay for the meal
  • School meals will be booked daily for all children whose parents have previously requested school meals and who are marked present in the registers
  • The school pays for every meal ordered, and is reimbursed by the government
  • The school is liable to pay for any meal which is ordered but not eaten – so please do let us know if your child is not going to be in school as we will not be reimbursed for these meals.

If you child is in Year 3-6

  • For detailed information regarding lunch payment process please see our Reference Guide for Ordering School Meals Online .
  • The cost of a School Lunch is £2.35 per day. Surrey County Council’s policy for children in year 3 and above is that School Lunches must be paid in advance.
  • Don’t forget proving that your child is eligible for free school meals could bring in an additional £8,000 which the school can spend to support their learning.

Payments can be made in the following ways:

  • Online – Via secure online payment system (See ‘Payments’)
  • By cheque – made out to Surrey County Council.
  • By cash – please pay for at least one week at a time, if at all possible. Please send your payments to the school office, in a named, sealed envelope.

PLEASE ensure that your child’s school meals are pre-booked more than 24 hours in advance; as the school office can only book emergency meals, and you will be responsible for meal payment.

Refunds and Emergency Lunches


  • Sickness – If your child is off sick we will automatically cancel their school dinner and your child’s dinner account will be credited / will not be charged for it. Regrettably, any child sent home through illness after 10.00am will not be eligible for a refund. 
  • School trips – We will carry forward any such payments held “on account” in this way towards the next term’s dinners unless you inform us that you would prefer a refund.
  • Cash refunds – will be issued at the end of the Summer Term for pupils in Year 6.

Any child arriving in school late should report to the School Office for registration when it will be possible to order a lunch for that day. Where possible it would be helpful to have advance warning of this if the child is likely to arrive after 10.00am.

Emergency Lunches

If your child has forgotten their packed lunch and you are unable to get it to us, or you have run out of provisions for packed lunches and require an emergency meal, please contact the school office before 10.00am and we will try and arrange for an emergency lunch to be prepared. Please note that you will be responsible for cost of an emergency lunch. The clue is in the name – this is for emergencies only.

Packed Lunches

A good packed lunch should contain a mixture of food from the following categories:

  • Starchy food (bread, rolls, pitta bread, potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • Protein (meat, fish, beans, eggs)
  • Calcium (milk, cheese, yoghurt, fromage frais)
  • One portion of fruit (fresh fruit, dried fruit, tinned fruit in juice or 100% juice)
  • One portion of vegetables or salad (piece of fresh veg like carrot or pepper slices, vegetable soup)
  • A drink (water is best and is free, or fruit juice, milk)

Snacks such as crisps, cakes, pastries or sweets should only be given occasionally and in fact the government advises that crisps and sweets  should not be included at all and cakes and biscuits should only be included as part of a balanced meal

  • Please make sure there are NO NUTS included – please remember that pesto sauce does include nuts and some cereal bars include nuts too
  • There is lots of information online about producing healthy packed lunches.  Please have a look at the Healthy Lunch website for further ideas


Reception – Year 2 are provided with fruit every day in school.
Year 3 – Year 6 can bring in a piece of fruit and can benefit from having a healthy snack at break time. Change4Life have some materials that might help you:
100 calorie snacks
Healthier snacking campaign


View our full Uniform List
The children act as ambassadors for the school, and show respect for our learning community, through the way they dress. Items of uniform may be worn in any sensible and neat combination according to the weather. We would not expect children in Year R to Year 2 to wear school ties, although these look very smart for the older children. Our aim is to keep the children looking their natural age and be neat and tidy.

Buying School Uniform

The basic items such as skirts, trousers and plain white shirts can be bought from many local shops/supermarkets, or online suppliers.
Items more specific to this school, eg because they have the school logo on them, can currently be purchased from two alternative suppliers:

House Colours for PE bags

When your child joins the Juniors they will be allocated a house and you may wish to buy a PE bag in the matching colour.
Tudor: Red
Hanover: Blue
Windsor: Green
Stuart: Yellow

Transport and Travel Plan

At St Mary’s we are striving to teach the children the importance of keeping themselves heathy by taking lots of exercise, and keeping the planet healthy by reducing unnecessary journeys by car. We are also very aware of the impact on our neighbours by the volume of traffic and parking in our area at pick up and drop off times.
Instances or poor driving and parking endanger our children and cause friction with our neighbours. We encourage all parents to report any Instances to us so that we can publish them in our newsletters and report them to the police.

We have a very active travel plan and encourage our children and families to:

  • Walk, scoot or cycle to school
  • Park and stride
  • Car share
  • Use public transport

In addition we have negotiated with Buses4You to provide a route via Old Oxted, Hurst Green, Limpsfield and Limpsfield Chart

  • Each journey costs £1 (or you can buy a book of tickets to last a week)
  • Must be booked in advance

Please contact:

General manager: David Elliot

Tel 01883 732770 or phone the general office 01883 732791


There are 3 ways in which you can make payments to the school:


Via our secure online payment system “SCOPAY”


By Cheque

  • School lunches made out to Surrey County Council
  • All others made out to St Mary’s School


By Cash

We try to keep the volume of cash we are handling to a minimum. If you are unable to use one the other methods please ensure cash is sent in to the school office:

  • In a sealed envelope
  • Labelled with details of the event/item you are paying
  • Clearly marked with the child’s name and class