At St Mary’s everyone is supported, challenged and secure in a caring Christian environment.


We meet the needs of all pupils with SEND, ensuring that they can access all aspects of the curriculum and school life. They are happy, motivated and well supported by all staff.

For a variety of reasons, children may experience difficulties which create barriers to their learning. If you have any concerns about your child, please talk to their class teacher and we will of course do the same if we have concerns.

Although we can’t promise to have the answer to everything we think you will be surprised at the wide range of additional support we can offer, which is led by our SENDCos, Mrs E Kerr and Miss A Ramon Please feel free to contact her with any queries at

“Within lessons, expectations for disabled pupils and those with special educational needs are high and they are given appropriate support to help them complete demanding tasks.”

– Ofsted

SEND Information Report

We follow the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) code of practice when identifying needs, utilising the ‘asses, plan, do, review’ cycle to ensure all needs are met effectively and that appropriate support is sought from outside agencies where necessary. Parents are involved at every stage, as this is so important. You can read more about the principles and policies which underpin our practice in our SEND Information Report.

Provision Map

Our Provision Map can help you see what this looks like in practice. It outlines the range of ways we support every child to learn and reach their potential, this is Wave 1 support. For some children support at Wave 1 does not unblock their progress and we might need to move into Wave 2 and 3 which as you can see involves increasing the level and range of support for children.

All of these principles are reflected in our SEND Policy.