Welcome to the Year 1 learning page. Find out about everything your child is learning in school here and help them become the very best they can be!


Year 1 teachers

Victoria Mogridge, Staff, St Mary's

Miss Mogridge



Emily Stokes

Mrs Stokes



Other staff

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Boorman

Teaching Assistant

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Webb

Teaching Assistant

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Ms Emerson

Teaching Assistant

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Bishop

Teaching Assistant

Ms Clarke

Teaching Assistant

Ms Shackleton

Teaching Assistant

What the children are learning this year

We strive for a smooth transition between EYFS and Year 1. We believe that this can be achieved through hands on experiential learning in and outside of the classroom.

Year 1 Curriculum Map Autumn 2019

Knowledge Organisers
Year 1 Knowledge Organiser Where We Live Autumn 2019

How to Help at Home
Year 1 How to Help at Home Autumn 2019

School Trips

During year 1 we do lots of learning outside of the classroom including these trips:

Trip to the local library
Children have the opportunity to go to the local library and learn where they can find books, the different things you can do at a library and listen to stories.

Trip to the local church
Children have the chance to visit the local church to learn about what happens in a church. They have the chance to be like the questioner and ask questions.

Local area walks to record the different seasons
Children have the opportunity to walk around the local area to look at the environment and see how it changes over the different seasons.

Trip to the British Wildlife centre
Children will explore and find out about a range of different British wildlife, including finding out about their diets, habitats and behaviours.

Supporting learning at home and Class Dojo

In Year 1, we encourage the children to do as much learning as home at possible. With this in mind we would be grateful if you could support your child in the following areas:

  • Daily reading
  • Counting to and from 100
  • Reading and writing numbers to 100
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

We will send out weekly handwriting homework. If this gets lost, please see the class teacher for a new copy.
Thank you for your continued support!
Class Dojo is an online resource where parents can connect to the day to day learning. It is a secure environment where we can share photos and videos of what we are doing in school.
Phonics play is a fun interactive website for children to play phonics games to help improve their decoding, blending and reading skills.

Online Safety

All children need to learn how to keep themselves safe online. Here are some things you can do:
CEOPS is the best place to go if you wish to report something inappropriate on the internet.
ThinkUKnow is where you can play interactive games and learn more about being safe online.
Kidsmart has lots of information about how you can keep yourself safe online.
For more information and help go to our Online Safety page.