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Year 3 Teachers

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mr Collins

3c (Year leader)


Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Pope



Ms Ovens

Miss Ovens



Mr O'Rourke

Mr O'Rourke



Other Staff

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Bowles

Teaching Assistant

Kirsty Timlin

Mrs Timlin

Teaching Assistant

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Percy

Teaching Assistant

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Mander

Teaching Assistant

Staff, St Mary's Primary School

Mrs Scutt

Teaching Assistant


Mrs McGill

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Ms Venables

Teaching Assistant

Nicky Bickerstaff

Mrs Bickerstaff

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Hill

Teaching Assistant

Jo Barker St Mary's Staff

Mrs Barker

Teaching Assistant

Jo Chalmers St Mary's Staff

Mrs Chalmer

Teaching Assistant

What the children are learning this year

We work extremely hard to help the children in year 3 make a successful transition from their KS1 settings. This is achieved by our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and love of learning via lessons that inspire and challenge through, amongst other things, the use of practical equipment, drama, collaboration and opportunities to learn outside.


School Trips

Oxted locality
Our autumn term topic involves studying the U.K, capital cities, counties and then particularly our own county of Surrey with the focus on the local area of Oxted. To complement this, we visit Oxted and use this to broaden our historical knowledge and how geographical features have influenced the way life is in Oxted today.

Sikh Gurdwara
In the spring term, the children visit a Gurdwara in Croydon. They learn about the history behind the 10 Sikh Gurus and hear about Sikh traditions involving: weddings, naming ceremonies for babies, the role of music in Sikh religion and amongst other things the central importance of the Sikh holy book, the ‘Guru Granth Sahib’.

Dulwich Picture Gallery
During the summer term, year 3 are fortunate to enjoy the stunning grounds at Dulwich Picture Gallery. This is a chance for the children to appreciate different works of art and learn about the history of particular paintings and artists. They then get a chance to refine their sketching skills with the help of a resident gallery artist.

Supporting learning at home and Class Dojo

The learning the children are expected to complete at home, has a clear focus on key skills that will not only enable them to make the expected academic progress but also foster those vital skills that they will need beyond their time at school. We therefore expect them to practise their times tables, learn new spellings and read on a weekly basis. A note stating the details for this is sent home on a Monday via the children’s school communication book and the class teacher can be contacted via email or Class Dojo in the event of this being lost and another copy being needed.

Class Dojo is an online resource where parents can connect to the day to day learning. It is a secure environment where we can share photos and videos of what we are doing in school. It is also a rewards system for the children with dojo points being given by teachers and other members of staff. It is used as a way of getting messages from teachers to parents and vice versa.

Mathletics is an online teaching and learning resource. The children can access activities that they choose to support their learning. It is a fun environment which is used in class and as homework. Children can earn certificates as they learn and gain items for their Avatar.

Home Learning Packs
March 18th Pack

Online Safety

All children need to learn how to keep themselves safe online. Here are some things you can do:
CEOPS is the best place to go if you wish to report something inappropriate on the internet.
ThinkUKnow is where you can play interactive games and learn more about being safe online.
Kidsmart has lots of information about how you can keep yourself safe online.
For more information and help go to our Online Safety page.

Year 3 Calendar

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Swimming Gala 9:00 am
Swimming Gala
Jul 12 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Swimming Gala
Term Break
Term Break
Jul 22 – Aug 31 all-day
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