Dear Parents and Carers,

We will be posting school meetings and events for everyone to see on Media Pod. Access to videos are exclusively for St Mary’s parents and carers. It is very important that you do not share this information outside our school community, as this information is restricted to each St Mary’s class.

Username and passwords will have been sent out to you; however, if you have not received it please contact us at

Year 5 Shakespeare Project
5G and 5MG
5L and 5S

Reading Meeting
January 2022

Year 3 Class Assemblies 2021
3C Class Assembly
3O Parents Joining In
3O Class Assembly
3P Class Assembly
3OR Class Assembly

Christmas 2021
EYFS Nativity
2R Nativity
2WH Nativity
Year 1 Morning Nativity
Year 1 Afternoon Nativity
Year 4 Carol Service