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Parking News

By December 5, 2022Whole School

Dear Parents and Carers,

Click here to see a snapshot of the messages I am receiving about inconsiderate parking at drop off and pick-up. I cannot police the roads. I cannot have eyes everywhere – but please remember this. The most impressionable people who are seeing, and experiencing, and learning from this behaviour are the children!
We are doing our best in school to instil in the children the importance of respect for others, respect for their property and standards of behaviour that do not impact negatively on others. What is happening around our school is undermining this.
Please do keep reporting in instances to the school office – and where traffic violations have occurred (e.g. parking on yellow lines) report to the council.
I know the weather has been dreadful, and I know that mornings trying to galvanise children who would rather dawdle is draining, but we should be better than this.

Best wishes
Sarah Lewis
St Mary’s CE Primary School, Oxted