St Mary’s School – Frequently Asked Questions

Making an application for a place at St Mary’s

Please do look at the Prospective Parents  page on our website because this is where we have tried to capture most of the information you will need about the processes of applying. Don’t forget to read our Admissions Policy.

Key things to do:

  • Enter your postcode here  to see which ecclesiastical parish your address is in because this will affect which category your application will fall into.
  • Don’t forget to download and send in your supplementary form  if you are applying under Church allegiance and send to us via email at or via post to St Mary’s CofE Primary School, Silkham Road, Oxted RH8 0NP
  • Contact – we’re always ready to help
  • Remember that if you don’t apply you definitely won’t get a place!

Meeting the needs of all children

My child is more able, how will you stretch them?
We treat every child as an individual, and believe that every child needs to be stretched and challenged, as well as having the opportunity to be successful. You will see from our performance page that we have a high proportion of children at St Mary’s who achieve above the expected standard, that that this has been consistent for many years – our track record is good. Our teachers are expert a pitching learning challenges at the right level for every child.

My child has some additional needs, how will you support them?Please watch our SEND support video  to find out more about how we support children with additional needs at St Mary’s, and read the SEND  page on our website. We have expert support staff, invest heavily in training, and have strong links with outside agencies who can support us as we support you and your child. Every child is an individual, and we will work with you to ensure the can flourish in their learning.

Managing behaviour

How do you deal with bullying and bad behaviour?
Children have at least as much to learn about how to socialise and sustain friendships as they do in the curriculum. It is hard for children to learn to share spaces, and resources, and to self-regulate when they are the midst of exciting games on the playground, and when we are learning anything it is normal to make mistakes. All the work we do on Mind Up supports the children in understanding their own feelings, and our Christian Values guide us as we make our behaviour choices.

How do you support children who are finding things difficult?
Some children are naturally more anxious than others, some find managing their behaviour more tricky, and sometimes big events outside school can throw children off track. Our first protective measure is to get to know each child really well. This give us an early warning system if things start to change. Usually support from the class teacher, and strong working relationship with the parent are all that is needed to get over a wobble. Sometimes there is a little more flexibility required, and a bit more support from the senior team. Where we feel there is a deeper need the children may be given support from our Learning Mentor or our ELSAs who can offer a listening ear, and give them strategies which will help them cope.

Wrap around care

We are both working – do you have any provision before and after school?
This year we have established a new working partnership with Premier Education, who now provide our wrap around care on site. It is open to all children from Reception to year 6 every day that school is open to children, and they provide holiday camps during the school holidays. Please contact them directly at for more details.

Starting at St Mary’s

How do you get the children ready for joining St Mary’s?
Being offered a place at our school marks the beginning of our direct working relationship. We know how important it is to you and your child to be able to picture where they will be, and what they will be doing. You will be invited to join our School Class Dojo so that we can keep you updated with messages a videos prior to coming into school for taster sessions and transition days.

Please watch our Transition Video as it provides detailed information regarding your child’s start with us.